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IDO EET Levické strojárne s.r.o.

IDO EET Levické strojárne s.r.o.

Slovakia, Levice
Mr. Peter Huraj, Production Director

About Us

Company profiles: Company IDO EET – Levické strojárne is a member of firm configuration EET, which are formed by four companies, two of them with residence in Germany and two with residence in Slovakia. These companies them self near relative co-operation sharing on design, supply and installation technological facilities, alternatively their parts in the region power engineering, industrial air-conditioning, exhaustion, filtration, pneumatic and mechanical transportation IDO EET – Levické strojárne s.r.o. Company IDO EET – Levické strojárne s.r.o. is a machinery production plant with residency at western part of Slovak republic, in the city Levice. The centre of the company activities reside at production, deliveries and at the assembly of the facilities. The company realize his activity in manufacturing area located in Levice at own property with the area 14 603 m2, in manufacturing area located in Demandice with the area 26 710 m2 and in manufacturing area located in Levice with the area 16 612 m2 at property of company SAPNET .By the machinery industry area with wide engagement the company holds a modern design department. Next to mentioned manufacturing resources the company is outfitted by assembly group and assembly technology. The company IDO EET s.r.o. is keeping 100 employers and has established a certificated system of quality by the Standards EN ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management system according international valid norm EN ISO 14 001:2015. In the year 2018 our company finish the certification process by obtain of the last certificated of EN ISO 45001:2018.

Areas of Activity

  • electrotechnics
  • energy
IDO EET Levické strojárne s.r.o.





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26.5.2022 B2B negotiations
26.5.2022 B2B negotiations

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Company IDO EET Levické strojárne s.r.o. offers its many years of experience in the production of equipment for the energy, woodworking and paper industries, and is also looking for reliable partners in the field of energy and engineering.


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Mr. Peter Huraj Production Director